The Patriots Pen
The Patriot Pen
This TAB takes you to POSTS on current topics of interest for those who support a return to our Judeo-Christian heritage and the sound Constitutional principles established by our Founding Fathers.
The Liberty Tree- This section, which is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, will be an interactive learning site and would consist of four sub-sections: For Teachers / For Kids (K – 6) / For Teens (7 – 12) / For Adults.
For Patriots- This TAB will take you to A PATRIOT’S RESPONSIBILITY which answers the question most often asked to my partners and I “But What Can I Do?”
Standing For Freedom STAND 4 F-DOM
Standing For Freedom – This TAB takes you a listing of Quotes, Videos, etc. and is a Freedom-Fighters Historical Time Line of those Standing For Freedom.
Home of the Free Because of the Brave VETS TRIBUTE
Home of the Free Because of the Brave – This TAB takes you to our Tribute to Veterans and ways you can assist in helping and Honoring Our Veterans.
Principles 28 PRINCIPLES
28 Principles – This TAB takes you to The Founders 28 Basic Principles by W. Cleon Skousen. Posted with permission of the National Center for Constitutional Studies,
Will’s Notebook - This TAB takes you to a Section of Anecdotes, Poems, and Stories I have collected over the years as an Anthology for when I speak in defense of God – Family – Country at various venues.
Will's Opines MY OPINES
Will’s Opines - This TAB takes you to my personal opinions on various topics. Amore Dei, Familiae, Patriae ducit !
Our Constitutional Republic MY BOOK
Will’s Book - This TAB takes you to information on my book.
Our Constitutional Republic
Seeds of Birth – Seeds of Destruction
The Constitutional Broadside BROADSIDES
The Constitutional Broadside
This TAB takes you to exact reprints of the originals published by our parent organization, The Constitutional Council for the 21st Century, which was headed by J. Allen English (1910 – 1989) during the 1970s and 1980s. Jim was my Mentor and Friend along this journey we call life for 33 years. This Section is still under construction.
Clichés of Socialism CLICHÉS
Clichés of Socialism- This TAB takes you to exact reprints of the Foundation for Economic Education’s articles on socialism published in the 1960s and 1970s.
Communist Manifesto – This TAB takes you to How to Convert a Democracy into a Socialist State by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It lists their ten steps from the Communist Manifesto published in 1848.