Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

By Jemery Hooper

Like many of our other rights our Second Amendment rights are under attack by our federal government which is sworn to defend them. The Founding Fathers placed the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights as the defense of last resort against tyranny by our elected officials and the loss of our God given unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and Property.

Enjoy this true story and a little bit of history about the importance of our Second Amendment rights!! This actually occurred in Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee in 1946.  The segment you will be watching is from “An American Story” a Hallmark Hall of Fame Video from 1992. Be sure to watch this 15 min presentation to the end.

I recommend watching the entire video.

AN American Story

World War II is finally over for six GI’s returning to their small home town, the real battle is just beginning. For behind the bright facade of the homecoming parade lies the harsher reality of the American dream gone awry. . . . a corrupt mayor, a vicious sheriff who rules by intimidation and a town to afraid to fight back. With county elections coming up, a group of veterans decide they can make a difference, forming their own political party to challenge the unscrupulous powers strangling their town. The soldiers turn to George Meade (Brad Johnson) to lead the battle, but their wartime major, the son of a wealthy, politically-connected lawyer, has plans of his own. Now George must decide whether to fall in with his family – or take a stand to fight, once again, for what he knows is right.

The Hallmark Hall of Fame presents An American Story, a powerful, uplifting film based on a true story about a town battling for its beliefs and changing the course of its future.